Order and Terms:

1111ASP accepts regular order and major credit card order such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, etc. Standard purchase term is net 30 days in U.S.A. For orders outside of U.S., we require 100% payment via wire transfer prior to shipment. If payment is not made within 60 days of notification of a completed order, we will consider the order to be cancelled and cancellation charges will apply.
    Cancellation of orders is subject to a 75% fee for standard orders or 100% fee for custom orders. If you need to cancel a purchase, please contact your salesperson.

ASP Products Warranty:

    All ASP RTD products have a 1 year warranty unless the customer purchases an extended warranty. The warranty includes parts and labor but not shipping.
    All warranties come with an exclusion for damage by misuse, abuse or negligence. The warranty also does not cover a bad shipment. If RTD probes get bent for any reason, the warranty is voided.
    All warranties apply only to products sold in the U.S. unless customers have an agreement with ASP.


ASP is constantly developing new products. Please click to learn more.

Specialty of product

Excellent long term stability and wide temperature range is the specialty of ASP RTDs and PRTs.

How to Order

ASP accepts major credit cards order.